To our dear clients : Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd. continues to operate during the current lockdown due to COVID-19.
The next (17th) international FTD conference (Thermo 2020/2021) has currently been re-scheduled to later this year.
But it may be that international travel may not be possible for Australians until some time NEXT year (2022).
So it is entirely possible that the international FTD conference in Santa Fe, NM, may eventually need to be rescheduled again, to 2022.
What a great pity that will be - organising an international FTD conference is very hard work, at the best of times.
In the meantime, please remember to join the VIRTUAL FTD meetings :
If you would like to participate, please contact the Thermo team at .
We wish Rich Ketcham and his team all the best, and have our fingers crossed for an early resolution to the COVID problem.
Kind regards,

Due to pressure to join the NBN (which we believe is pointless) and the fact that we now receive only RUBBISH fax messages, Autoscan has decided the following :

We have been advised that, as of 15 JANUARY, 2021, the following landlines will no longer be active:

+61 3 9596 8065 (the main Autoscan number to date)

+61 3 9596 8092 (a secondary number, also used by our sister company, Engineering Solutions Pty. Ltd.)

+61 3 9596 8369 (this has been our main fax line to date)

 Instead, to get in touch with Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd., please use one of the following methods :
 By email :
 By mobile phone : +61 417 358 751  [Local - (0417) 358 751]

Autoscan sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused !

 Kind regards,
The Crew

So far, we have had to cancel three trips already : a trip to China early in 2020, and two trips to Brisbane over the last 12 months.
That is because the conditions of entry to specific states (even within Australia) can change at a moment's notice.
And of course, as for international travel, that is a whole other kettle of fish ...

So sad - a working system, generating good data for a paper, is our best advertisement.
Because of the high cost of the Zeiss AxioImager microscopes, we simply cannot afford to have a spare unit in the office for demonstrations.
I was hoping to be able to generate a video showing HOW to assemble the Zeiss AxioImager microscope.
That is the most difficult part of an installation, but now it will have to wait.
Such a video would hopefully allow our new clients to do MOST of a system installation.
Our wonderful client in Brisbane also offered to do a Mandarin sound-track to go with that video.

The rest of the installation could happen remotely, for the time being.
Eventually, I hope to be able to visit all of our new clients, to make sure that their systems are working perfectly.
So, hopefully, the trip to Brisbane will be possible soon, allowing us to create and distribute the video.

Kind regards,
Mike Krochmal


Been to Brisbane and Perth in the meantime, and also the USA, China and Malaysia.

Off to a Thermochronology Conference at Lake Garda (which WAS the largest lake in Italy. But with the current drought, it has shrunk !)

After the conference, I hope to visit three European labs, in Bremen (Germany), Bratislave (Slovakia) and Bergen (Norway).

Apart from a wedding in Washington, DC, that might be just enough to keep me off the streets !!!


In the immediate past, our sales have mainly been to countries where we already have installations.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce a shipment (which left our offices yesterday, 11 October 2021) to Slovakia.

This now makes 29 countries in which we have installations.

Many thanks for joining our circle of satisfied customers around the world, Slovakia !