Due to pressure to join the NBN (which we believe is pointless) and the fact that we now receive only RUBBISH fax messages, Autoscan has decided the following :

As of 15 JANUARY, 2021, the following landlines will no longer be active:

+61 3 9596 8065 (the main Autoscan number to date)

+61 3 9596 8092 (a secondary number, also used by our sister company, Engineering Solutions Pty. Ltd.)

+61 3 9596 8369 (this has been our main fax line to date)

 Instead, to get in touch with Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd., please use one of the following methods :

 By email :

 By mobile phone : +61 417 358 751

Autoscan sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused !

 Kind regards,

The Crew