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Confocal microscopy

The Autoscan Confocal Microscopy system can be used with various brands of confocal microscope. (In particular, our stage driver software library is already linked directly into the Bio-Rad software and used with our associated hardware and electronics).

The system consists of Autoscan 3-axis stage system and custom confocal microscopy software.

Benefits of the Autoscan Confocal Microscopy system :

Our system is able to deliver extremely accurate positioning capability, specifically in the focus axis. This ability to accurately revisit a given focus level is of the utmost importance, in particular in laboratory techniques which involve revisiting a sample in order to assess the effectiveness of a treatment, or monitoring of the condition of a sample over time. If the focus steps are not reproduced with impeccable accuracy each time, the 3-dimensional reconstruction of the image of the sample will be unacceptably degraded. For some applications, no X or Y motion capability is required, hence our offer of various stage configurations. Since our stage driver software library can be tied into most PC-compatible software, we would be very happy to consider incorporation of our stage commands into the software for other confocal microscope brands.


The Autoscan Stereology system consists of :
Autoscan 3-axis stage system, stereology software package and associated hardware and electronics.

Benefits of the Autoscan Stereology system :

Our system is able to synchronise the motion of two stages, each of which carries an adjacent sample slice for comparison. Stereology is a technique whose primary aim it is to make an assessment of the population density of objects of interest in a 3-dimensional volume, given the results of examination of a number of serial 2-dimensional sections of that volume. Successful reconstruction of the volume of interest requires very accurate positioning of each of the serial sections for analysis. Our stage systems provide the means of achieving that accurate positioning with a minimum of tedium on the part of the operator. Stereology is an emerging technique which has already found application in many fields of endeavour, ranging from anatomy and neurology to metallurgy and satellite imaging.

Materials Technology Research

The Autoscan Materials Technology Research system consists of :
Autoscan 3-axis stage system, AutoScope software package and associated hardware and electronics.

Benefits of the Autoscan Materials Technology Research system :

This application involves image analysis of novel embedded electrode materials, whose individual conductors can be detected, located, characterised and counted by our system. The total exposed surface area of the electrode tips, as well as their number, both have a direct relationship to their effectiveness, and can be directly assessed by our system. The same system could also be used to locate, detect and characterise other items such as pollen grains, mineral grains, etched metal grains, and a very wide range of other objects, as long as these objects have a reasonable contrast in comparison to the image background.

Semiconductor Quality Control

The Autoscan Semiconductor Quality Control system consists of :
3-axis custom-built Autoscan stage for upright or inverted microscopes, with large scanning area
AutoScope custom software package and associated hardware and electronics.

Benefits of the Autoscan Semiconductor Quality Control system :

The semiconductor wafers which are used to manufacture modern complex and high-density semiconductor chips often incorporate areas of naturally occurring uranium. This uranium damages the wafer, and if these damaged areas are subsequently processed (which is a step that usually involves significant costs), they result in non-functioning chips and a material level of wastage. The Autoscan system uses our AutoScope image processing software to map damage to CR39 detectors which have been in contact with the unprocessed wafers during pre-processing storage, and thus allow damaged areas to be avoided.

Custom applications

On request, we can supply any of our microscope stage models with our ASDK (Autoscan Software Development Kit). This software driver bundle (for all versions of Windows) allows the user to incorporate control of our Autoscan computer-controlled microscope stages into their own application software. The ASDK includes sample applications.


Our stages can be fitted to most popular upright and inverted microscopes, including those manufactured by Zeiss, Leica, Olympus and Nikon. Attachment to the microscope is a simple matter involving the fitting of typically four attachment screws and, in some cases, a conversion bracket. Our software is designed to run on IBM-compatible PCs. The power supplies for our stage systems (which are operated at low-voltages) operate automatically from any mains supply world-wide, ranging from 85 to 264 Volts and 47 to 400 Hz. Where possible, we supply electrical plugs which match those in use in our client countries. We use the information shown in a table on the website of Korjo Pty. Ltd., a major manufacturer of adapter plugs and other travel products. Please check out the table shown under "Adapter Guide" at http://www.korjo.com and let us know if there are any inaccuracies for your area.




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