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The combination of an AS3000i stage and an AS3500 focus attachment is referred to on this site as an AS3000i/f stage system.
This combination creates an integral 3-axis stage system, which is used in most of our clients' applications.
In our latest application (fully automated fission track counting) the focus accuracy is improved even further
by use of the integral motorised focus function of the latest Zeiss microscope models (Z1m and M1m).

AS3000i SIS Camera.jpg

Photo shows AS3000i stage mounted on a Zeiss microscope

General Description

The Autoscan AS3000i microscope stage is a 2-axis model which was especially developed for the spatially constrained needs of inverted microscopes, but can also be used with standard upright microscopes, and replaces our previous model, the AS3000B. For 3-axis applications, the AS3000i can be converted to 3-axis movement by the addition of the AS3500 focus-only attachment (which then creates the AS3000i/f combination). In keeping with the tradition of our previous AS3000B stage (which was able to be used only with upright microscopes), the AS3000i/f features superior mechanical accuracy, stability and general performance.

Instead of using a stepper motor to achieve focus drive, the AS3000i/f uses dc motors with optical encoders on all three axes. In combination with the EL300 electronic controller, this stage achieves outstanding motion control. It is the finest microscope stage in the world, and incorporates integral focus. The EL300 electronic controller comes with a universal power supply, which will automatically adapt to ac supply voltages between 85 to 264 Volts and a range of supply frequencies from 47 to 400 Hz. Where possible, we supply electrical plugs which match those in use in our client countries. We use the information shown in a table on the website of Korjo Pty. Ltd., a major manufacturer of adapter plugs and other travel products. Please check out the table shown under "Adapter Guide" at and let us know if there are any inaccuracies for your area.

By means of the optional addition of external linear sensors, it is possible to further improve the positioning accuracy of our stages. In the case of SONY sensors, this results in a resolution of 50 nanometers in all axes, and in the case of Renishaw sensors, a resolution of 100 nanometers in all axes.

Since the use of the combination of extreme optical magnification (typically x1000 in fission track dating) on the one hand, and extreme positioning accuracy on the other hand, places stringent requirements on the mechanical stability of the microscope, we strongly recommend the use of an anti-vibration base. This can be as simple as a substantial slab of granite resting on appropriately sized inflated inner-tubes, or could consist of one of a generally available range of commercial anti-vibration tables, and may even be as elaborate as the "dynamic" anti-vibration table models, which continually adjust their behaviour in response to external vibrations. Please refer to the appropriate pages on this website for related recommendations and information.

Please contact us for details of our other stage models.


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