Olympus BX61 Configuration
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Monday, 26 November 2007 16:59

(Required for Olympus-based Automated System - system description to be published shortly) 

Olympus BX61 microscope configuration

Olympus BX61 Microscope

E/C Code Description

BX61TRF * Microscope stand for transmitted and reflected light microscopy with built-in tansmitted filter holders for four filters (LBD, ND6, ND25, and an open position for an optical filter of 45mm dia.), including stage holder AV6616, immersion oil 8cc, hexagonal driver AB8804, connecting cable DW5387 and shield sticker AD4908 (2 pcs)

U-25LBD * LBD filter slider for reflected illumination tube

U-TR30-2 * Trinocular tube

U-D6REMC * Six-position nosepiece with DIC slider slot for clean room use

U-LWCD * Long working distance condenser N.A. 0.65

U-LH100-3 * Lamp house for 100W halogen

U-HSTR2 * Key pad, including indication panel-1 AD6954, indication panel-2 AD6957, indication panel-3 AD6958 and indication stickers AD6956

BX2BSW * Control software

U-ZPCB * Circuit board for motorized focusing control, inserted into BX-UCB

U-RMT * Extension cable for halogen lamphousing

JC12V100WHAL-L * Halogen bulb (Philips No. 7724)

UYCP * Power cord

U-25ND25 * Neutral density filter for incident light

BX-RLAA * Motorized reflected light BF/DF illumination tube

MPLFL10X * M Plan Semi Apochromat objective 10X/0.30, W.D. 11mm

MPLFL20X * M Plan Semi Apochromat objective 20X/0.45, W.D. 3.1

MPLFL50X * M Plan Semi Apochromat objective 50X/0.80, W.D. 1mm (spring)

MPLFL100X * M Plan Semi Apochromat objective 100X/0.9, W.D. 1mm (spring)

WH10X * Widefield eyepiece 10X

U-CA * Magnification changer, 1X, 1.25X, 1.6X, 2X

U-CMAD3 * C mount adapter

U-TV1X-2 * Video adapter 1X

GRATS21 * Micrometer Scale 5mm/0.5 mm in 0.1 mm & 0.01 mm divisions

GRATNE11A-24MM * NE11A Numbered grid 1.0 mm pitch (surface) eyepiece graticules for 24 mm dia. eyepieces



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