Newsflash ! Spoofing of our email address
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Wednesday, 21 September 2016 00:00

Spoofing of Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd. email adress, and hacking of our website

We sadly note that there are now numerous emails circulating
which appear to have originated from Autoscan Systems.
They have not.

"Spoofing" is the deliberate and malicious theft of an email address to circulate spam.

We note with dismay that there are malicious people who have stolen our email address to circulate spam, possibly adware and perhaps even virus software in our name.
Please be aware that this is something that our company would NEVER do. These people have also advertised supposed (and non-existent) vacancies with our company.
The only reason we know about this is because we have received "bounce" copies of some of these emails.
We have tried to combat this problem, but contact with our service provider tells us that there is nothing that we can do.

If you have received any such emails please contact us at Autoscan. 
Our apologies for this problem. I wish that there was something we could do.
But under the circumstances, the best course of action is to simply delete any unexpected emails apparently coming from us.
It is better not to even open such emails, and certainly please NEVER click on any links contained in the emails.
In early September, our website was also hacked by some antisocial person.
This resulted in a blank homepage. Our sincere apologies to any of our clients who may have been inconvenienced by this.
The website is now restored, and we would like to take this opportunity to offer a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Matthias Raab for carrying out this task.
The mentality of such antisocial elements is breathtakingly stupid and hard to understand. Apart from "glory" (?), it is difficult to see how they benefit from these destructive actions.
Kind regards from Mike and the Team at Autoscan 

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