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Written by Michael Krochmal   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 00:00

Newsflash ! Autoscan now concentrating on automated fission track counting.

Autoscan Systems has been supplying the fission track community with productivity-enhancing systems for almost 40 years.

In that time, we have evolved from simple coordinate transforming systems which drove EDM (external detector method) samples to appropriate locations on the grain and mica mounts; to systems which enabled track counting and length measurement by means of a digitiser tablet; to systems which allowed these operations to be carried out via mouse clicks on the monitor screen.

Finally, in conjunction with the fission track dating group at the University of Melbourne, we jointly developed the most advanced systems yet : systems which could automatically count the number of tracks in a given area. And now we are working on automating other aspects of this fascinating discipline, such as the measurement of track lengths.

In the process, we have long struggled with the issue of “backward compatibility”. Over the years, we have tried our best to make sure that users of our equipment could minimise their equipment expenditures by either being able to use existing hardware elements in their labs (such as existing microscopes), or use the system for other purposes.

With the advent of our current generation of equipment, however, this has become almost impossible to achieve. As it is, we have struggled mightily to make our systems useful both for those labs who use the traditional EDM technique, and those who are now using the more advanced La-ICPMS technique, with its many advantages.

Our current systems can be used for both techniques, but the downside is the need for very specific hardware. This includes a high-quality motorised microscope, and advanced computers and cameras.

We have therefore had to make the difficult decision that we are no longer able to support upgrades of existing equipment, nor the supply of systems which feature semi-automation. Of course, our automated systems are able to be used in a manul mode, by means of the operator clicking the mouse on-screen. But we can sadly no longer supply our previous systems, which were based on non-motorised microscopes.

It will take us some time to update all the relevant components of our website. In the meantime, please be patient with us !

Kind regards from Mike and the Team at Autoscan


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