Newsflash ! Zeiss announces new AxioImager series
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Monday, 19 July 2010 00:00

Carl Zeiss have announced that the Axio Imager.x2 will replace Axio Imager.x1 generation. The new upright microscopes are especially designed for high end routine and research applications.

This means that the AxioImager Z1m, M1m and A1m models will be replaced by the Axio Imager Z2m, M2m and A2m respectively.

The M2m and Z2m stand versions continue to incorporate serial, USB and Ethernet connection to retrieve information or control motorized components attached to the stand. (Whereas the A2m, which is not fully motorised, continues to incorporate only a serial connection)

Due to mechanical changes of the reflected light beam path, ApoTome can now be used with all stand versions, but this will not affect the FTD application.

According to Zeiss, the user interface and control concept has apparently been substantially redesigned. Up to 10 different users with own light and contrast manager settings, button assignments… can be assigned.

The main distinction between the Zeiss Z2m and M2m microscope models on the one hand, and the A2m on the other, is that the Z2m and M2m are highly motorised and (according to Zeiss) capable of 10 and 25 nanometer focus resolution (respectively), whereas the A2m does not incorporate motorised focus at all.

The motorised features of the Z2m and M2m are essential for full fission track counting automation. The A2m, on the other hand, whilst also being a top-of-the-line microscope, is not as highly motorised or automated. It is perfectly suitable for semi-automated fission track dating, but not suitable for full automation.


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