Newsflash ! Download FastTracks demo version here !
Written by Michael Krochmal   
Saturday, 11 February 2012 00:00

Demo version of FastTracks automated fission track counting software now available here for download.

Further Newsflash ! : New version of this demo to be made available soon !

Click here to download the demo (large file - about 250 MB!)

The demo that the FTD world has been waiting for !

Please be sure to read the text below for further guidance,
especially if you are having trouble starting the demo.

If you are not able to download these files due to speed or size limitations,
please send us an email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your postal mailing address.
We will be most happy to send you a free CD with the demo files on it.

Autoscan Systems and the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne are very proud to announce the birth of a new baby - after many years of toil and sweat, and a highly successful 3-year major collaborative research effort, we are now very happy to be able to launch our automated fission track counting software.

This major development was foreshadowed by a presentation by Prof. Andrew Gleadow of the University of Melbourne at the ECTC European FTD workshop in Bremen, Germany 2006, at which it was enthusiastically received.

The new package was launched at FT2008, the 11th International Conference on Thermochronometry in Anchorage, Alaska on 15 September 2008, and there has already been an early show of interest from many FTD laboratories around the world.

Interested trackers can now download, here, our complete demonstration package, consisting of a program, test images and videos, and help documentation. We look forward to serving you, and receiving your feedback.

But first, here are the exciting features of the new software :

  • automatic counting of fission tracks, using our collaboration team's patented "Coincidence Mapping" image analysis technique, which identifies single and multiple tracks using reflected and transmitted light images
  • viewing of grains and tracks in a virtual 3D microscope window, including the ability to scroll vertically through the transmitted light image stack (simulating adjustment of microscope focus knob)
  • user-adjustable filtering and user-editing of count data
  • creation of polygon regions of interest

The demonstration version has the following attributes and limitations :

  • extensive help documentation on how to use the demo
  • includes a series of tutorial videos
  • limited to a small number of supplied sample grains
  • display of all track counting features of the full version, but only for a restricted, supplied, image set
  • no ability to export data (since the sample images are not statistically sufficient to calculate ages or create thermal models)

Minimum system requirements :

  • Mac OSX or Windows XP (probably OK for Vista, but not yet tested)
  • recent version of Java (1.6 or later), probably OK for 1.4.2 onwards but not yet tested
  • 512 MB RAM minimum, 1 GB recommended
  • fast processor (dual or quad core PC), since there is a lot of data processing and management
  • big LCD screen is nice (we supply two with our systems - see photo above)
  • lots of data storage space (with 2 TB HDDs now available so cheaply, that's probably not an issue any more ...)

We know you're going to love this new software, and look forward to hearing from you all. We hope to set up an informal user discussion group or forum, and welcome all feedback in the interests of optimising the product for our users.

Best regards from the team at Autoscan.



Problem getting the demo started? Please read on:

We have had a couple of isolated reports of problems with starting the demo. If you are encountering such problems, please read on:

If nothing at all happens when the executable file (FastTracksDemo.exe) is double-clicked, it probably means that Java has not been detected.

Please make sure that Java is installed (preferably a recent version of Java 1.6, sometimes referred to as Java 6).

Click here to download Java, which is available for download at this URL :

If Java has in fact already been installed, it may also be that the program cannot find the Java Runtime files.
The program searches the Windows Registry for Java, but our search is in English.
A search of the registry in Foreign Language editions of Windows may not be effective.

There is one work-around, which may be effective as a last resort:
There is a Java dll (jvm.dll) that can be added manually to the executable path.
This avoids the need for the program to search the registry.
To add the dll, please proceed as follows (for the English version of Windows XP):

1. Locate the file jvm.dll : normally, this will be within the "Java install" directory (eg.: "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\client")
2. Right-Click on "My Computer", and select "Properties"
3. Select the "Advanced" tab, and at the bottom, click "Environment Variables"
4. In the list at the bottom, select "PATH" and click "EDIT"
5. At the end, insert a semi-colon (;) and add the path to the directory which contains the jvm.dll file

Once this is done, it may be necessary to restart the PC before trying FastTracks again.

Our apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.


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